What is Adwords? (Pay Per Click)

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by | 29/05/2022 | Ask Andy, Marketing | 0 comments

People often talk about Adwords or Pay Per Click Marketing but what actual is it? and how can in help your business.

Lets start with the basics, most businesses want to be at the top of Google, as this is where most website traffic comes from, but how do you do this? There’s Search Engine Optimisation of course, but this is a long process, there must be a quicker way.

This is where Adwords comes in, this is Google paid advertising program, but to understand how it works it might be easier to look at an example.

Lets say you are an Electrician working in and around Oldham, you want to appear on Google when someone searches for “rewire house” as this is one of your best services in terms of fees.

Rewire Google Search

At the time of writing, some 2400 people a month search Google in the UK for the phrase rewire house, if you want to appear at the top of the search results like the example below then you can use Google Adwords.

Example Search Result

With Adwords each time somebody clicks on your ad, Google charge your account, in this case the phrase “rewire house” costs £2.51 per click, in order to prevent you getting a huge bill you are able to set a daily budget, so £10 per day will get you about 4 visitors looking to have their house rewired.

Each Phrase has its own cost, and that cost depends on a number of factors, but these costs tend to be proportionate to the value of the product or service.

Phrase Monthly Searches Cost
house rewire cost uk 1300 £1.44
house rewire grants uk 880 £1.46
how to get your house rewired for free 720 £1.27
how disruptive is rewiring a house 480 £1.98
house rewiring cost calculator uk 320 £1.54
can you rewire a house in stages 140 £2.41


In addition to setting a daily budget you can Geo Target your ads, This means you can decide where your ads show, so you could for example target people looking for house rewires, within 20 miles of your postcode.

The result is very target traffic to your website, and unlike many forms of advertising this shows to people who are looking for your service right now.

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