Understanding Paper Weight

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When we talk about how thick paper is we tend to use the term gsm, gsm stands for grams per square meter, so you need to imagine a sheet of the paper 1m by 1m being put on some scales. The heavier the weight of this paper, then the thicker your paper stock will be.

To help make it a little clearer, here are some common examples.

80 – 100gsm: This is the weight range of standard office paper, used for printing or photocopying.

110 – 120gsm: This paper is commonly used for stationery e.g., letterheads and compliment slips.

130 – 170gsm: This heavier, more durable paper often used for posters, leaflets and flyers

170 – 200gsm: This is midway between paper and card and can be used for more luxurious posters or quality double sided leaflets and flyers.

250 – 300gsm: This is usually classed as card and can be used for business cards, covers and greetings cards.

350 – 400gsm: This is the weight of a good quality business card. Some will use 300gsm, or less, for a business card but we do not recommend it. 350gsm can also be used as a cover but it’s important to remember that it is not very flexible.

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