Switch it off and back on again
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by | 04/10/2011 | Blog | 0 comments

Sometime I feel like a magician, there is no other way to explain it. Today I had to drive a 120 mile round trip to reboot a switch that had crashed that had apparently already been rebooted to no effect, yet amazingly when I rebooted it everything started working again. Clearly I have magic fingers! When someone in IT tells you to reboot something, its not a trick, there is no voodoo behind it, more often than not it works. The reason it works is quite simple most bits of hardware whether that be a computer or a stereo contains micro chips, a micro chip is in essence a little computer and like the big computer on the desk in front of you, sometimes they crash, and the act of powering off the hardware and turning it back on reboots all those little computers and gets everything back on track. So when you are told to turn it off and back on again, don’t argue, don’t doubt it, just do it!

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