A6 Glued Notepads
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A6 Glued Notepads

Our Glued Notepad offers a slimline jotter pad which is always ready when you need to take down important notes. They’re a great choice when you want a pad that lets you tear out pages for use as notes around the home or office.

The pads are incredibly versatile, ideal as souvenirs or merchandise, corporate gifts or for office use. Depending on your design choices, they can also form an integral part of your workflow, serving as checklists, invoices, receipts or even as a pad for taking customer orders.

Each pad features an unprinted grey backing card for rigidity.

We offer a choice of ready-ruled pages including Lined, Grid, Dotted and Seyes.

Alternatively, you can have each page printed single-sided with your own custom design. Go heavy on the branding, or use a minimalist design to optimise the writing space, it’s your choice.

Whatever your website project, large or small we can help you reach for the stars!

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