Testimonial from Reloc8
Testimonial from Reloc8

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by | 06/09/2022 | Testimonials | 0 comments

We recently produced some print for Reloc8 Royton, an estate agent with branches in Royton, Hipperholme and Queensbury and received some lovely feedback.

Dear Andy and Sarah.

Thank you so much for the service Kuiper have recently provided us here at Reloc8. From speedy
answer, knowledgeable insights & Suggestions and a quality finish, I’ve been really impressed with
working with you already.

What really stood out for me was when Sarah contacted me to say there would be a slight delay with
delivery of some leaflets. This was because she was not happy with the quality of the finish and
paper used. I said don’t worry about that, but she insisted on redoing the order. Having received the
order today, and having received not only the amount we ordered, but the rejected prints as well, I
can honestly say, that I could not see any major difference. That just shows me that kuiper only deal
in perfection which gives me the ultimate confidence to refer them to any of my contacts

Thank you every one at kuiper for the fantastic service!

Andrew Jones

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