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We often recommend people to blog more in order to gain relevant traffic to their website and here is a perfect example why. Today I was looking at buying a bike, and I started to think about if it was worth setting up a Cycle to Work scheme, so I headed off to Google and started searching to see what I could find.

My first search was “set up a cycle to work scheme for a 1 man company”.

Google search for "setting up a cycle to work scheme for a 1 man company"

Once I’d got past the ad results which were mostly organisations running Cycle to Work schemes for big companies and arrived at the organic results the first one was this.

First organic search result

When I clicked the link I realised what I was actually on was an accountants website, they were using their blog to put out tips, but these tips were designed to attract visitors like me, people with small businesses, people who might be open to changing accountants. (I’m not, I’m very happy with Freeman Accountancy)

Website for accountancy firm with a blog post about the cycle to work scheme

Right at the top of the page was a call to action, offering “call for assistance…”  and along with the WhatsApp but it gave lots of options for me to get in touch.

clear call to action

So here we have an idea set up, attracting potential customers who are looking for related searches and then when they arrive at the site making it really easy to get help.

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