The difference between Facebook Pages and Profiles
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by | 29/03/2022 | Ask Andy | 0 comments

This is something that crops up again and again and causes confusion for many people so I thought I’d take a few minutes to explain it.

Facebook Profiles

A Facebook profile is what individuals have, this is where you chat with friends and family, share photos, play games and generally be social. You need an email address and password to access a Facebook profile.

Facebook Pages

Facebook pages are the business version of Facebook, this is where you promote your products and services. The key difference here is you do not have an email address and password for a Facebook page, it is linked to one or more Facebook Profiles. To access a page, you have to login using your Facebook Profile.

Transferring Ownership of a page.

Transferring ownership of a Facebook Page is straight forward once you understand the basic concepts and only takes a few steps.

Before you start you are probably set up something like this, with one or more administrators attached to your Facebook Page.

In order to change the owner you will need to add the new owner as an Administrator to your Facebook Profile.

The old owner is removed

Optionally you may also remove at the same time any other admins leaving just the new owner who can then add anyone they like.

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