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Right from the start we involve you in the process of building your website. Before we write a single line of code you’re given access to our client management system where we can collate everything to do with your website project.

We’ll ask you to fill in a few small questionnaires, about your business, what you want from your website, and what you like, ie colours, fonts etc.

We’ll take the information from your questionnaires and use that to build a wireframe, describing roughly how your site will look and work.

From the wireframe we’ll move on to your website build where we’ll give you multiple opportunities to leave feedback by simply clicking on the site and leaving your comments.

As we tick off your amends you will get notifications and can keep track of any changes and where we are up to on your own personal client dashboard.

Once you are happy and your site is complete it will be transferred onto the live server, and tested and optimised for your clients to view.

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