Why the name change?

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by | 21/03/2021 | Blog | 0 comments


I’m changing my name, well not me as such, the company name. Which used to be the same as mine, but now it isn’t. We were Andy Powell Consulting, but now we’re Kuiper Industries. Confused? let me explain.

Why the name change?

For years it’s just been me, but over the last year or so a lot has changed, not just with me but with the world in general. Not only has my wife Sarah started to work with me full time, but my son Carter has started to take a role too. With it no longer being the case that a client would always be working we me, it seems like it was time to rebrand.

So why Kuiper?

Firstly we’re geeks and we’re not ashamed of that, but it was a comment by a client that triggered the thought process that led us in to space looking for names.

I love talking to you guys, my old web designer spoke an alien language but with you its like I’m on a space station with a universal translator .

NicK Miller

So we started looking to the heavens for inspiration, Martian Consulting, Neptune Websites but as is always the case, getting a domain and company name can be difficult. We eventually reached the Kuiper Belt, some 4,400,000,000 to 14,900,000,000 km from the Sun and the name stuck.

and why Industries?

We’ve always had our fingers in many pies so to speak, Yes we build websites and deliver training but did you know we also have a Digital Training Centre (Currently mothballed for obvious reasons), work closely with MadLab on various projects and even recycle laptops for those without access to digital resources. In short we’re quite industrious.

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