3 simple ways to promote your website.

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by | 27/12/2020 | Web Design | 0 comments

A conversation I regularly have with business owners is how they can promote their business online, and while SEO and PPC are fantastic they come at a cost, so here are three simple ways to promote your business today for free.

  1. Google My Business (or Google Maps)

Google My Business formally known as Google Local Places, but more commonly known as Google Maps, allows you to place a free listing at the top of the local search results. This is a fantastic opportunity to get your website in front of potential local customers.

You can create your free listing at google.com/intl/en_uk/business/

2. Blog Post

Write a blog post like this one, think about what your potential clients are likely to search Google for and create a post that answers that question.

Google Trends is a great tool for finding out what people actually search for. Try it for yourself at https://trends.google.com/

3. Social Media

When was the last time you posted on Social Media? Why not do it now, share some information, ask a question, create a poll or join in one of the many daily hashtags. Take a look at some hashtags on the link below and get posting.


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