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by | 13/11/2020 | Security | 0 comments

Once of my clients received the following message via their website contact form.

To: {Your Name} <Your Email Address>

Subject: New Message From {Your Website}

RE: {Your Domain Name} / {Your Website Title} | {Your Company Name} website INTERNET SITE SERVICES This notice ENDS ON: Nov 10, 2020

We have not obtained a settlement from you.

We’ve attempted to contact you but were incapable to reach you.

Please Go To:

For information as well as to make a discretionary payment for solutions.

Thank you.


Telephone: 06-70939061

When you click the link in the message you are taken to a website asking for payment for your “Domain name search engine registration” starting at $75 for 1 year. For the avoidance of doubt this isn’t a thing. Most search engines will pick up your website in time and list it where they think its appropriate, if this isn’t as high as you expect its because you need to make changes to your website not because you haven’t paid some random company a fee.

If you try to leave the site you get the following popup. “Failure to complete your Domain name search engine registration date may result in cancellation of this proposal making it difficult for your customers to locate you on the web.”

Again, this simply a scare tactic, just ignore it and go about your dat.

Another variation of the same scam involves the following email linking to the same website.

Message Body:

Domain Notice Expiry ON: Dec 25, 2020

We have not received a settlement from you.
We have actually tried to contact you yet were incapable to contact you.

Check Out: https://shorturl

For info and also to process a discretionary settlement for your domain website solutions.

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