Transferring a domain into your own account.

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by | 24/10/2020 | Hosting | 0 comments

It’s not uncommon for domains to be “held” in the account of the web designer of agency that manages the site. This guide will help you transfer the domain into your own account.

1. Go to 123-reg and search for your domain name.


2. At the top of the search results you will see a message saying your domain has already been registered.
Next to this click the link saying “Transfer my domain”


3. The domain will now be added to your basket and you can proceed with the purchase as normal.


Once you have completed the purchase (free in the case of domains) what happens next varies slightly depending on the extension of the domain, i.e. etc.

Basically an email will be sent to the current registrar asking for consent to transfer the domain they will then need to click a link, or provide a code allowing the transfer to be completed. 

Keep an eye out of emails containing further instructions.

Note : If you do have to pay to renew the domain you will be credited with any remaining time, for example, if you paid to renew your domain 6 months ago, and now pay to transfer the domain

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