Cannot create pst file. The file path is too long.

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by | 30/10/2020 | Tutorials | 0 comments

Recently when adding new email accounts to outlook we have been coming across the error “Cannot create pst file. The file path is too long.”.

The problem is the default path Outlook uses to store its email data file is already quite long, so by the time your account name has been added on to the end, it has become too long for Outlook to cope with. The solution is to change the default Location for Outlook Data File.

How to Change Default Location for Outlook Data File

Open the Registry Editor by clicking [Start], typing “regedit” and then hitting [Enter]

Navigate to the appropriate key for your version of Outlook (Listed below), by clicking the > next to the title.

  • Outlook 2007:
  • Outlook 2010:
  • Outlook 2013:
  • Outlook 2016:

Right click in an empty space and select [New] [Expandable String Value]. Call the string “ForcePSTPath”

Double click on your new string and add the value data with the full URL to your new folder location then click OK

Restart Outlook and when you add a new account the PST file will default to your chosen location.

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