What is Gutenberg?

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by | 05/08/2018 | WordPress | 0 comments

If you have updated WordPress recently  you will no doubt have seen a notice about Gutenberg the new editor coming from WordPress. It is currently in beta and can be accessed by installing a plugin, but will eventually become the default.

So what does it do? well as you know I’m a big fan of page builders like Divi from Elegant Themes, Page builders like Divi allow the end user much more control over their website, changed that would traditionally require the input of a web developer can now be made by the client.

What Guttenberg does is bring some of the basic functionality of page builders like Div into the WordPress editor itself, so without the use of any 3rd party plugins, this will be a real bonus for many bloggers and SME’s alike.

While its currently in beta (trial version) you can access it now from the WordPress plugins page and try it out with the slight caveat that beta software is unfinished and may have some bugs, so as always advice would be back up first.

WordPress Gutenberg

1 .  In the dashboard go to [Plugins] and [Add New] and add the Gutenberg plugin.

2. If you edit a page you will now see the editor looks quite different to how it used to,

3. At the bottom of the editor you will find a + icon, click it to open up a menu of options. In this example I’ll add a couple of columns by clicking the Columns(beta) icon.

4. Once Ive added some text to the first column I can click the plus again to add another block.

5. In this one I’ve used the image block to add a picture to my post, this could just as easily been text or some other media. When you have finished making changes just click the [Update] button as you would have before.

6. And here you have the finished article, columns in WordPress without the need for plugins or short code.

Clearly Gutenberg has a long way to go if it will ever compete with the likes of Divi but this is certainly a step in the right direction and puts more control in the hands of the end user which can only be a good thing.

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