Taking ownership of a Google Maps API project

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by | 29/08/2018 | Misc | 1 comment

In order to use Google Maps as part of a website or app it uses a system called an API, this allows your project to talk to Google and generate a bespoke map. Each time you do this a tiny amount is charged to your account and at the end of the month you are billed. Google gives each user $200 of free credit each month which for many users is more than enough so they never end up paying anything at all, however in order to get this free credit you must have a method of payment attached to your account. You can set warnings and a maximum budget on your account to make sure you never go out of the free credit.

In this blog post I’m assuming someone else has set everything up for you and they have invited you to take ownership of the account and add billing information.

1. Click the link in the invite email

2. Choose if you want spam or not, tick I agree to accept Googles terms of service and then click “Accept Invitation” to open your account.

3. The dashboard allows access to all of Googles cloud platform. Click “View detailed charges” on the billing card.

4. Click Manage billing accounts and then manage billing accounts again on the drop down menu.

5. Click “Add billing Account”

6. Agree to the terms and then click “Agree and Continue” enter your card details on the next screen (not shown) and then click “Start my Free Trial”

7. Your account is now set up and you will be billed for any usage above the free credit included in your account each month.

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