GDPR compliant email sign up with MailChimp and Gravity Forms

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1 . Go to [Forms] [Add-Ons] and install the MailChimp Add-On

2. In your MailChimp account go to [Account] [Extras] and then [API Keys]

3. Click [Create A Key] to generate an API Key and copy it to your clip board. 4. Back in your website go to [Forms] [Settings] [Mailchimp]  and add your API Key, then click Update Settings.

5. In your form, if you haven’t already done so add an email field, and then directly under that add a Checkbox

This is where GDPR really comes into play, there are 2 points that you really need to take into consideration.

  1. Is it clear that the visitor is opting in to your email newsletter. (This can not be checked by default)
  2. It has to be optional, you must not stop your visitor using your service if they choose not to sign in.

6. From the form Settings menu select [MailChimp]

7. Next to MailChimp Feeds click [Add New]

8. Give your feed a name and choose the list you want to add new subscribers to

9. Match your form fields to the fields in MailChimp.

10. Check “Enable Conditional”, Select your check box and set the form to be processed if the visitor chooses yes, then click “Update Settings”.

Repeat for any additional forms on your site

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