Resizing pictures for the web (Windows)

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by | 18/02/2018 | Web Design | 0 comments

A problem people frequently face when wanting to upload images to the internet is the size of the files, use up precious space in your hosting account, slow down your website while people wait for images to download or even stop you uploading them all together.

When even your typical internet cat picture can be 4.6mb (That’s about 3 full floppy discs for those of us still working in old money)  something has to be done. 

If all we want to do is make the images smaller (you cant make them bigger without distorting them) and we don’t want to do an cropping or changing aspect ratio (shape) then there is a fantastic little tool for windows which will add an option to the right click content menu that will do just that.

First download and install the “Image Resizer for Windows” from Once downloaded install the program and then right click on an image.

You should now have an extra menu option labelled “Resize Pictures”


Once selected this option will reveal a number of options on how to resize your picture, with presets from small suitable for social media, to large which can be used for website headers, you can even specify your own size by using the custom option.

On clicking “Resize” you’ll be presented with a second copy of your image at your new resolution along with the original untouched image (assuming you have not chosen to “Replace the originals”).

Best of all If you select multiple images you can resize them all at the same time, making this the idea tool for owners of eCommerce websites.


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