10 things you should check on your website

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by | 17/08/2016 | Web Design | 0 comments

1. Who owns the domain name?

It’s not uncommon when you pay someone to build a website for the domain name to be registered in the name of the web design company that produced it, while this is often done for convenience rather than out of any malicious intent it can and often does lead to problems at a later date.

To find out who owns “your” domain name visit http://whois.domaintools.com/ and look for the Registrant entry.

2. Where is the site hosted?

Which company hosts your website? do you have access to the hosting account? in what country is your server located? You can find out the answer to questions like this using the site below.


3. How long does the site take to load?

Internet users are inpatient so making them wait for your website to load is a bad idea, You could aim for your website to load in two or three seconds, how does your perform?


4. Is the website accessible?

Not everybody browses the internet in the same way, so ensuring that as many people as possible can access the information on your website is very important, A common mistake is to display a phone number as part of an image header which not only means visually impaired visitors using a screen reader cannot read the phone number, but also no visitors can copy and paste it.

5. Is the website responsive?

Currently some 59%  of web browsing is done on mobile devices, have you tried your website on a smart phone or tablet? both ios and android? how well does it work?

6. Have you tried the website in other browsers?

What web browser do you use? what about your customers? Have you tried your website in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet explorer? what about older versions? While there are standards for web development each browser supports them to a different extent, so while your website may look fantastic in one, it might not work at all in another.

7. Contact Details/Forms?

This may seem like an obvious one but I’ve seen this many times, are your contact details on the site and are they correct? check you phone number, email address and any other social media details on your site.

Do you have a contact form? does it collect all the details you need? have you tested it?

8. Links

Are the links of your website valid? do the sites you linked to still exist? services like this can help you find and fix broken links.

9. Analytics

Do you know how many visitors you get? where they come? what they look at? this is valuable information that can help you increase your conversion rate and generate more business.

Google Analytics is a Free industry leading analytics program that can be added to your website and can tell you the answers to the above and a whole lot more, sign up for it here.

10. Uptime

How often do you check your website is actually working? are you confident it will be working when your potential customer wants to view it? Websites like uptimerobot.com allow you to automatically check your website is online every few minutes and notify you if there is a problem.

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