What a year (ahead and behind)

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by | 05/04/2016 | Hack Oldham | 0 comments

So here I am, at home, having a week off, this isn’t something I do very often, having time off isn’t something I’m very good at, relaxation is something I just don’t do.

I’m taking this week off to take stock, a lot has happened in the last 12 months or so and when you spend all your time so involved in a project its hard to see the wood for the trees.

As you have probably heard a digital enterprise hub is coming to Oldham, in simple terms this means Hack Oldham is moving into bigger and better premises, but in reality its going to be so much more.

The hub will be located in the former Wahoo building on Yorkshire street, this is a 4 story ex night club, that will house both Hack Oldham, and Wayra, a digital incubator space.

In order to fulfil our part Hack Oldham has had to undergo a lot of change, transforming from a informal group of friends sharing resources to a formally incorporated non profit company, with a whole host of policies and procedures.

As we move towards the new space my role is also transforming from a web developer to a community organiser and volunteer manager, a role I seem to have accidentally created, but enjoy doing, and with my back problems suit be far better that sitting at a desk.

So my plan, amongst other things is to try and document more of this change, to keep my blog up to date to help not only document what happens but to help keep my own thoughts in order.

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