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by | 05/01/2016 | Blog | 0 comments

So last year I had a bit of a rant at @virginmedia, the reason for this was the ridiculous amount of junk mail that Virgin were sending us, so I decided I was going to keep all the mail they sent me for the next 12 months.

Here we are 12 months later and I have a draw full of Virgin Media Junk Mail.

So thats 89.165g or 15 items of junk mail trying to get us to buy Virgin Media, when as you may have notices, we already have Virgin Media.

Given that a second class stamp currently costs 54p thats £8.10 spent on spamming us,thats not taking into account the design and print work.

IMG_20160105_082510Obviously Virgin Media don’t just spam my house, so given that there are 27.6 million households in the UK, and being generous estimating that Virgin spam 1% of those thats 276,000 people receiving somewhere around 15 item, or in total or 4140000 bits of junk mail.

Again assuming a cost of 54p thats £223,5600 spent trying to convince people to buy a service that some of whom already have.

What’s more alarming is when you start to think about how much paper they are using, 276,000 households receiving 89.165 grams each works out at 24,609.54kg of paper. To put that in perspective, thats about the same as a lorry

So please Virgin Media… Stop! if not for the sake of the planet, do it for the poor posties who have to carry all this crap.

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