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by | 13/12/2011 | Blog | 2 comments

As the BBC report:

The most coveted prize in particle physics – the Higgs boson – may have been glimpsed, say researchers reporting at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Geneva.

But why oh why did the brightest *PEOPLE on the planet decide to use the worlds most hated font “Comic Sans MS” through out there presentation.

While without a doubt these people are far smarter than you or I, but it did make me chuckle to see them using a font of such notoriety that it has its own hate campaign http://bancomicsans.com/main/, I can’t imagine Darwin writing the Origin of the Species in crayon, or Einstein writing his general theory of relativity on an etch a sketch so why lower the tone of such a remarkable piece of science by using a comedy font?

* I did originally put men, but I stand corrected

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