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by | 23/10/2011 | Digital Skills | 0 comments

I’m a big fan of dropbox the free online file sharing service, I use it to keep my documents in sync across multiple computers and access them while out and about with my Ipad.

With the Free service you are entitled to 2gb of space which isn’t bad, but doesn’t really cut it long term, you can upgrade to the paid service but there is another way of increasing the amount of space available to you and that is to refer new users to the drop box service.

You do that by sharing your referal link which looks like this, each time somebody clicks that link and in turn signs up for the service both you and they get a 250mb bonus.

Now you can tweet the link, leave it on forums and generally hope somebody clicks it but what you really need is a way of getting it in front of a lot of people that are looking for dropbox.

That’s where Google Adwords comes in, by setting up a simple adwords campaign like the one pictured below you can redirect people looking for dropbox to your referal link, each time they click the link they are taken to just as they would expect but because they were refered by you, you both get extra space for free.


But as you can see from the image above that cost over £26, and I said for Free, so where did the money come from? Well you may have seen them in computer magazines or emailed to you when you sign up for certain online services but Google often give away FREE adwords vouchers for new accounts, any thing from £30 to £100 of free adwords marketing can be yours just by keeping your eyes open for the vouchers.

So there you go, get it while you can, because I suspect that Google will at some point stop people using vouchers to point people at affiliate links but while it still works you might as well get what you can.


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